Big Dub Festival 2017 – [07.26/17 – 07/30/17]


Oh word? Yes, I’ll be rocking the mics and tings at Big Dub Festival 2017! Big tings a gwannn –> TBA!!

July 26th – 30th

hosted at Four Quarters Interfaith
Main Camp & Hilltop entrance:190 Walker Ln, Artemas PA
New Camp Entrance: 641 Clear Ridge Road, Artemas PA

The 8th annual Big Dub Festival!

This year will continue to be integral in an ongoing legacy as multi-year veterans join and embrace newcomers into a culture of eco-responsibility, of giving & sharing, and respect for oneself & others. We are blossoming into something special that cannot be explained – but felt in the magical energy that fills the air.

– dozens of patron-created theme camps
– group movie nights
– Rocky Horror Picture Show
– hundreds of events at theme camps
– four stages of music (Stone Circle, Pavilion, Hemlock Hole, Clubhouse)
– professional fireworks display
– illuminated hammock haven
– silent disco afterhours
– nightly drum circle & invitation for all acoustic instruments
– poi, fire & flow arts at the drum circle
– free, clean running water, showers, and flushing toilets
– cellphone charging stations
– daily swimming hole party w/ inflatables (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat)
– main stages operating Thurs, Friday, Saturday
– special Wednesday music programming at Hemlock Hole
– daily in-camp yoga & meditation
– daily workshop & seminar schedule featuring topics on dance, poi, fire arts, crafting, sex, spirituality, politics, and more
– Car camping available at New Camp (must purchase online)
– RV parking available (must purchase online)

A complimentary shuttle will run from 9am each morning until 3am each night with service between Hilltop and Main Camp.

– 31ft slip & slide
– 50x50ft misting tent with lounge & wine bar
– moon bounce, cornhole & field day games
– movie night
– karaoke & open mic night
– Big Dub University Annual Kegger with BYOB Power Hour and games (winners win a Big Dub Varsity jacket!)

Gates open for daily arrival at 10am each morning. Gates close at 11PM each night. Anyone arriving after 11pm will have to sleep in their car at the gate until the gates open again at 10am the next morning.

Mandatory Big Dub Orientation will take place at 8:30pm on Wednesday, July 26th at the Seminar Stage. Chad & Nicole will touch on updates to Big Dub as well as discuss plans for the future.

Interested vendors may apply at

We are seeking large scale art installations & scultpures. More info at

Theme camps and villages are the interactive core of Big Dub. An ideal theme camp creates a visually stimulating presence and provide a communal space or other opportunity for interaction. Those who contribute to the creation of this communal space often camp around this site and contribute to maintaining the site during the festival as well as working to provide activities to other festival attendees. Apply at

Music will run every day of the festival. Two official opening parties will take place on Wednesday the 26th with the Clubhouse Stage in Hilltop and The Pirate Ship at Hemlock hole. The Stone Circle and Pavilion both open on Thursday the 27th. The Stone Circle is our largest stage with the most sound which runs until 11pm on Thursday and midnight on Friday/Saturday. The Pavilion & Pirate Ship are both afterhours stages.

Sunday, July 30th is the festival clean-up and exodus day. No festivities take place on this day outside of hugging your new friends goodbye!

We are seeking motivated people who want to give back to the community and be a part of something special. We are not seeking people who simply want free entry into a festival. We are seeking those who have job skills and a service mentality. If you have never worked for a Badass-owned festival before then your first festival is voluntary and you will be assigned to shadow a senior member. If you are as amazing as we expect then you will be invited back in the future with a paid job which includes other benefits. Keep an eye out for the volunteer tab on our website which will launch sometime in February!


RADICAL SELF EXPRESSION: We are all unique, passionate people. Feel free to be yourself. Wear what you want. Dance how you want. Talk to who you want.

RADICAL SELF RELIANCE: Discover, arrange and rely on your own resources. Preparedness is both important & sexy! “Don’t Be A D*ck” by assuming that others will take care of you.

PARTICIPATION: While anyone can be a spectator, Big Dub Festival is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing life like you have never done before.

GIFTING: This is the act of making someone’s day… by doing things for another without expectation of compensation or return.

ACCEPTANCE & INCLUSION: Accepting the differences & choices of others and not pass judgment. We are a family built upon includin one another and supporting each other every step of the way.

RESPECT & MINDFULNESS: All members of society expect to be treated fairly regardless of what they do or how they choose to dress (or not dress at all in some cases). Basically “Don’t Be A D*ck!”

CONSENT: Be mindful about your interactions and pay attention to ensure you are not invading someone’s comfort zone. This includes anything from what you say & what you share to the act of touch.