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Kinetiks MC @ Apocalypse!
Kinetiks MC gettin’ live @ Apocalypse ~ The Paradox, Baltimore  [3D Productions] 

“Music can take you so many places.”

I once freestyled with C-Rayz Walz back in 2003 in a dark alley in Baltimore near the Ottobar.  I’ve had the honor of emceeing for incredible artists like Bad Company UK, Klute, Makoto, Total Science, Zero T, Kasra, Mefjus, Robert Manos, Audio, Enei, Taxman, Random Movement, Quadrant, Matrix & Futurebound, Teddy Killerz, DJ SS, Prolix, the Prototypes, S.P.Y, DJ Dara, Rene LaVice, and so many more. From cyphers, radio shows, battles, and lab sessions to rinsing live shows, I have repped with the DMVs finest across the most iconic venues on the east coast.  I am overjoyed to be part of one of the richest drum & bass + music scenes in the world right here in DC [#DCDNB], and I continue to enjoy every second of it. I am a freestyle fanatic who is passionate about the art of emceeing, & all the subtleties and nuances that go along with it.

“I love the rush that accompanies the feeling of holding the mic, but having no idea of what I am going to say next.”

When you are the conduit between the DJ and the crowd, the medium by which expression is felt and shared. In those moments you are able to influence the crowd + what people may think or feel, the night, and the direction it will follow. Ultimately, that memory will be yours to keep forever. I have been freestyling, writing music, and emceeing for over 14 years now with no plans to change. My goal is to share a piece of who I am every time I perform for those who listen. I emcee simply because I love it.



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